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Storytellers of Your Celebrations

Indian weddings are a unique mix of profound cultural elements, elaborate rituals, colorful celebrations & festivities, and no wonder managing such an event is not an easy task.

At Baraati Inc, we are passionate about carefully crafting every aspect of elaborate Indian weddings while keeping things as simple as possible, turning them into a personal festival of memories, love and celebration.


Full Wedding

We are reinventing the art of wedding planning, infusing management-based approach with a rare understanding of traditions and finer elements of an Indian wedding. This allows us to deliver a creatively and emotionally fulfilling...

On-Ground Wedding

Baraati Inc proudly offers on-ground management as a highly personalized service that solely focuses on the ‘Flair Tale,’ where it’s all about the ideal flow and flawless synchronization of event on the ground. By taking care of key...

Choreography & Live
Entertainment Production

Choreography & live entertainment is something ingrained into the very DNA of Baraati Inc. We relate to dance and music as something which captures the very essence of Indian weddings and design and conceptualize unique...


We invite you to script the future of wedding planning with us. Choose all-unique customizations for your big day, for any budget, from anywhere, in any timeline. Experience the power of Baraati magic at work as we turn your...

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How are we different

Baraati Inc is proud to be the ONLY wedding planner of its kind in India to have come up with its very own wedding planning model, known as the 3F Model, that covers every facet of planning & designing Indian weddings.


Bringing your wedding vision to life!

We love weaving your emotions and personality into a wedding.

The fairytale that you’ve always dreamt of, no matter how crazy or simple, has to be designed and put into a viable plan. We make sure everything about your fairytale screams you!


Constructing the Fairy Tale within a budget.

We understand that the hard-earned money being spent on such important days needs to be justified, without compromising on your wedding vision.

Working budget backwards ensures we plan and design a wedding suited to your requirements.


Making the dream plan come live into action!

The process of planning now comes to life and each and every aspect of making the wedding happen- and happen right- is taken care of by Team B Inc.

The priority here is to run the actual show seamlessly with adherence to timelines & the most painful attention to the finest details.

Who we are

Baraati Inc. is here to turn the slow pace of evolution of Indian wedding industry into a fast-paced revolution.We are here to break the rules while making up some of our own along the way, and make sure that every wedding is an affair full of life, zest and fun.

No Indian wedding is complete without a little tadka of entertainment, crazy dance moves and fun-aholic moments that turn into stories to be remembered, laughed about, told and retold a million times. And we are here to make it happen! Our motto is “Eat, Sleep, Naach Baraati”and we live by it.

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Meet the original baraatis

shweta acharya

The Blossom of this group, she's known for speaking openly and honestly & possesses all the attributes of a true leader. A perfectionist by nature, she takes it upon herself to ensure relationships with clients & vendors alike remain transparent & hearty.

She even loves sporting red hair- just like Blossom!

Her Superpower- Visionary Design. Popular is Boring, Creative is Fun.

shweta acharya

The one who dislikes being called Boss Lady but has the stride & style of one.

Alaap Dayal

The Professor Utonium, or Hero if you will, of their story- He's the creator of the trio's desire to pursue their passion. He saw that his three best friends might be the embodiment of The Powerpuff Girls for Indian Weddings- with traits of sugar, spice & everything nice giving them an innate aspiration to clean up the corrupt ways of the industry!

The Chemical X added by him- The Superpower of Processes!

Alaap Dayal

Management consultant by day, Inspirer always.

swati sharma

"She can be a handful, A chick with tons of attitude..with a sassy comeback always ready"

Not always endeared by her audience, she's the one feeling the pain behind a client's problems, thus helping find solutions that are client centric.

Not one for the mushy, she believes in doing things differently!

Her Superpower- Crazy Attention to Detail. Crazy being the keyword.

swati sharma

The tough cookie, her personality ingredient like Buttercup's is Spice!

shikha chauhan

Like Bubbles, she's always bubbly & gentle, communicating well with any and everyone. Lover of all things cute, happy & cheesy (both kinds), she's all for making weddings personal & dreamy. Not to be mistaken to be too soft, she actually does possess a "Sonic Scream"!

Her Superpower - Everyone's Best Friend. Everyone's!

shikha chauhan

The one who is the "softest and sweetest" of the three.

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Subscribe to get a free copy of the e-brochure and receive weekly updates on wedding planning tips & tricks, fun ideas and some of the most sought-after wedding hacks to make an impact on your big day.