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So about 3 years ago, when I decided to be the bearer of order in the beautiful chaos that is Indian weddings – I knew exactly what I’d signed up for. Until, I didn’t.

Who would have known that the last-minute goof ups, time constraints, weather anomalies, would all be the easy stuff. Stuff that diligence, experience and a weekly dose of Squidgy Chocolate Mousse Cake from Big Chill (at least in my experience) will help you get through.

But the most difficult yet rewarding part of wedding planning is managing emotional expectations. The ‘service’ that your clients avail is ultimately a feeling of emotional satisfaction. They trust you with an event that’s very close to their heart. And you’ve got to do everything in your capacity to honour that trust.

Sanah’s family initially collaborated with us for the on-ground management of her wedding. But only T-2 months before, they needed full planning support, especially in terms of decor. Emotions were running high & time was running out. And yet, not even for a moment did I think that we couldn’t pull it off. The team got cracking!

First things first, we reconceptualised her entire Mehendi and Wedding design. What you finally see is a country-meets-glam sundowner Mehendi. The February chill was infused with a burst of pastel romance – think peachy and ice blue vibes. We think this unusual blend worked really well with the playful spirit of our bride, and we overheard a lot of guests raving about it! Eavesdropping is perfectly acceptable at Indian weddings, isn’t it?

Coming to the wedding, we picked a colour scheme that’s very quintessentially Indian wedding. Yellows and whites dominated the decor, with hints of green and gold lending a luxe feel. Suspended strings of mogra & tea lights dressed up the night in a warm, romantic glow. The idea was to have a clean, understated décor that creates a graceful contrast with Sanah’s red Sabyasachi lehenga.

Over the course of these 2 months, the team worked very closely with Sanah’s wonderful parents. We’ll always look back on this time with a great sense of exhilaration and pride – after all, the Baraatis worked their magic, yet again!

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