Frequently Asked Questions

STUFF PEOPLE ASK US...Full Wedding Planning

Baraati Inc will save you considerable stress during the planning process and especially on the actual day of your wedding. We’ll also serve as your creative partner – not just overseeing logistical matters – but also providing a wealth of ideas, insights, opinions and more.

Statistics show that the average wedding takes approximately 8-12 months to plan. The time required to execute and manage is additional. Now you can take all the stress of researching, negotiating, planning and so much more, or you can outsource all the drama to us and actually enjoy your day with your family.

Baraati Inc will do all the planning, management and legwork. That way, you just show up to appointments, approve designs, sample menus, and so on. Also, as planners to all sizes of weddings- Big, medium & small- we know the best vendors to hire and can get you Special rates!

You can also check out our wedding planning process- Baraati 3F Model - for Full Wedding Planning.
We charge a fixed agency fee basis -

• Size of the wedding & social functions
• Number of social functions
• Number of vendors to be managed
• Services requested
• Team strength working on the project
• Number of Planners
• Number of On-Ground Managers
• Number of hours put in planning the wedding
• Number of hours spent on-ground managing the wedding & social functions

Unlike the wedding industry we are a cuts & commission free organization, hence getting you the best industry rates. Not only are we helping you make affordable decisions, we're making sure that we do the math to the last nickel and dime, so that you can get the best value for your buck. As if that's not enough, many of our amazing vendors offer our couples considerable discounts, offers and incentives - so the investment you're making in your planning services is truly going right back in your pocket. However, if we are ONLY sourcing a vendor there would be a 10% premium levied on the vendor cost. There are no hidden costs, anywhere! For a destination wedding the travel, food & lodging is to be borne by you.

We design weddings and every element involved in our scope of work. Since no two weddings are the same, we do not offer any set themes/ packages. To get a customized quote please contact us here.
By choice, we plan 15-to-20 weddings per year - a combination of Full Service, On-Ground projects, and Choreography & Live Entertainment production. We typically do no more than 2 weddings per month, with no more than one wedding per date. We are firm believers in not over-committing ourselves, so we control our workloads in order to give our clients the time and attention they deserve! The core team of 4 takes care of the complete wedding planning. Exclusive teams & planners are assigned to each wedding and hence no sharing of resources & worry!
Ideally, you should begin planning for your wedding 8-12 months ahead of the event. Popular wedding services, venues and suppliers require to be booked well in advance. However, we recognize that this may not always be the case for whatever reason and we can help. Below is the timeline for booking us, but always remember – the earlier the better!

For a destination wedding, please contact us a minimum of 8-10 months in advance.

For a city wedding, you should get in touch a minimum of 6-8 months in advance of your big day.

If you think you have all that you need and the planning is something you have specifically taken care of and now your ideas need wings, you are then looking for our - On-Ground Wedding Management service.