Frequently Asked Questions

STUFF PEOPLE ASK US...Choreography & live Entertainment Production

We have the resources and capabilities to provide completely personalized choreography services. Some of the requests we cater to on a regular basis include:

• Flash Mob
• Unique Proposals
• Bride & Groom Entries & Exits
• Family Performance
Yes, we would be glad to help you with this. Choreography is something we are passionate about and after a hearty discussion with you and your close ones maybe we would even come up with something unique meant just for your wedding.
There are no limitations as to what kind of props can be used for dance performances, it entirely depends on the type of choreography for a specific event along with the choice of soundtrack and a number of other factors. Lighting design is usually an integral part of choreography and stage designing which are meant to be in sync and complement each other. One example of lighting effect employed for enhancing choreography could be installing an LED screen in the backdrop.
It depends on a number of factors but you can rest assured no matter what the age and personalities of family members, we would make them put their best foot forward, literally, when it comes to dance! It might take around a month to choreograph 10-15 performances within the family. When it comes to experience, our founders share a lifelong passion for choreography and to do something unique. Still Wondering!